The Ontario Labour Market Report utilizes electronic media to chronicle labour market information from a broad spectrum of sources to provide an informed understanding of Ontario’s evolving labour market. This information may pertain to industry shifts, the priorities of professional associations, occupational standards, emerging educational trends, government legislation, economic forecasts, labour market data and evolving employment opportunities.

Founded by Labour Market Solutions Corp., staff with the Ontario Labour Market Report have been actively engaged in educating career professionals about the value of current and specific labour market information for more than fifteen years. Through these efforts we have organized labour market conferences, training for career guidance professionals in the utilization and interpretation of labour market information and public speaking engagements for elected officials, senior representatives of government, industry associations and business groups.

Each week we monitor hundreds of resources such as publications, economic data, media, government and academic institutions looking for labour market information that is both current and relevant to our readers. This research may include:

  • Research from policy groups, industry representatives, labour groups and academic researchers
  • Ontario government initiatives pertaining to job creation, employment, skills training, education, occupational regulation, self employment and social assistance
  • Employment and recruitment strategies for major employers
  • Significant educational and business announcements
  • Economic data pertaining to provincial industries, cities and regions of the province
  • Local employment data including unemployment rates and labour market participation
  • Demographics and information about underrepresented groups such as youth, women, Aboriginals, immigrants, those with disabilities and mature workers
  • Emerging labour market trends
  • Data from Statistics Canada and other vital statistics agencies
  • Detailed analysis and labour market projections for specific occupations 
  • Analysis of Ontario, juxtaposed with other provinces, the nation and international jurisdictions

In evaluating research and reporting to our subscribers, the Ontario Labour Market Report strives to bring quality and relevance to our readers. We place the highest priority on gathering information that is relevant to the frontline career guidance professional assisting individuals with education planning, job search assistance and effective career decision making.

While there are other organizations, both in government and through agencies, which provide labour market information, what distinguishes our work is our dedication to our subscribers.

We do not have a political, economic or sociological disposition in our selection of labour market information. Our only consideration is the relevancy of information to our readers and the individuals they assist. We are also not confined to specific regions, industries or occupations, able to report on the broad evolution of our labour market.

Our greatest strength is our ability to derive labour market information from a multitude of sources saving frontline professionals hundreds of hours of research. We’ve found career guidance professionals face complex working conditions with little time for researching a labour market that is changing by the hour. In this way, we aim to be the primary resource for career professionals to stay current with the labour market and best serve their clients and students.

Christian Saint C

Publisher   |   Ontario Labour Market Report

Ontario Labour Market Report