Ontario Labour Market Report

Announcing the NEW '2019 Edition' of the

Ontario Labour Market Guide

In the 2 years since we published the Ontario Labour Market Guide, the labour market has changed radically; new data on communities, occupations and industries has been released; and an increasing skills and labour shortage is prompting many Ontario employers to transform the very nature of work.

With the development of the brand new 2019 Ontario Labour Market Guide, We've painstakingly reviewed this material to address emerging issues, provide new data, include new resources, and update existing resources. In addition to a comprehensive overview of labour market research strategies, we've also created new sections dedicated to: 

The Gig Economy

Ontario's Occupations with the Brightest Outlook

The Role of Automation in the Coming Decade

With this information, we've updated all of the other sections in the 116-page Labour Market Guide including:

1. Overview of Ontario's Labour Market

2. Analysis of the Demographic Outlook

3. Exploration of Major Labour Market Trends

4. Systems for Labour Market Research

5. Opportunities to Network and Conduct Information Interviews

6. Seeking Mentorship Opportunities

7. Occupational Research

8. Educational Research and Planning

9. Career Planning

10. Trades and Apprenticeship Resources

11. Public Sector Employers

12. Regional Workforce Planning Boards

13. Resources for Aboriginals, Youth, Women, Those with Disabilities and Immigrants

14. Industry Research

   (a) Construction
   (b) Education
   (c) Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
   (d) Government
   (e) Health Care and Social Assistance

   (f) Information and Culture
   (g) Manufacturing
   (h) Natural Resources
   (i) Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
   (j) Retail
   (k) Tourism, Food Service and Accommodation
   (l) Transportation and Warehousing


We will be collecting orders until April 10th and shipping the Guide to customers: April 29th, 2019


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